Akeneo PIM integration with Magento2

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Pim2Magento - REST API Integration

Frequent data update

If you need to change your catalog data frequently in PIM, you need a reliable way to transfer them to Magento. Sometimes lack of frequent synchronization can be a disaster. Pim2Magento will help you to deal with such cases.

Easy to use

Pim2Magento provides intuitive interfaces to: set up and control connection between your PIM and e-shop just in few steps.


In our integration we minimize dependencies between both applications (Akeneo PIM & Magento 2) so that each can evolve without causing problems to the other.


The issue of data quality exists throughout the life of any data integration system. With Pim2Magento you can be sure that your catalog data will be transferred in efficient and sustainable way.


  • Create/update/delete of categories
  • Create/update/delete of families
  • Create/update/delete of attributes
  • Create/update/delete of attributes options
  • Create/update/delete of simple and configurable¬†products
  • Create/update/delete of media data
  • Update for every entity sends only changed data

  • Support of Magento Store Views (locales in Akeneo)
  • Support of multiple Magento instances
  • Multiple export profiles

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Support of Magento2 Bulk API

Delta export for data which has changed and Notifications about such data

Detailed information about errors/warnings during data publication

Different strategies of export: continue/stop on errors, etc

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